Maths for your one-year-old (part 2)

Here are a few more ideas for how parents can introduce math to their 1 year old child:

  1. Play with toys that involve size and comparison: Toys that involve size comparison, such as nesting cups or stacking blocks, can help your child understand concepts like “bigger” and “smaller.”
  2. Use everyday objects to count and sort: You can use everyday objects, such as buttons, pennies, or Cheerios, to help your child practice counting and sorting. You can also have your child help you count and sort objects as you go about your daily routine, such as counting the number of apples in a fruit bowl or sorting socks by color.
  3. Use number recognition activities: There are many number recognition activities you can do with your child, such as matching number cards to the corresponding number of objects, or using stickers or stamps to make simple number patterns.
  4. Play with patterns: You can create simple patterns with your child using objects such as blocks or stickers. You can also look for patterns in your child’s environment, such as the repeating pattern of tiles on the floor or the pattern of stripes on a shirt.
  5. Use your child’s interests to your advantage: You can use your child’s interests and hobbies to help introduce math concepts. For example, if your child likes sports, you can count the number of times a ball is thrown back and forth or keep track of the score in a simple game.

Remember to keep it fun and focus on the process rather than the outcome. With time and practice, your child will gradually build their math skills.

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